Life Drawing Events for Artists - Expression is Freedom !

Who is Tom ?

Tom is a free being who loves nature and enjoys & embraces life to the full. He spends his working time as a Freelance IT Consultant, Film Actor/Extra, Model & Life Model. He also teaches Qi Gong in his local area and uses the essence of this moving and still meditation in his poses.

Tom has been a life model for over 7 years and has worked for the Princes Drawing School, Art Academy, Candid Arts Trust, Tate Modern, Ravensbourne College, The University of Creative Arts, Amersham & Wycombe College as well as for Private groups & Individuals.

Tom is passionate about anything creative and ensures that for every performance whether it be life modelling or acting that  he extracts the maximum possible to provide the Artists or audience something inspiring to draw or watch.

You can see more on tom here  and here