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Who is Magdalena ?

A woman who has a love for Life, Art, Literature, Dance and Music. She tries to stay enthusiastic about everything she does and always has time for a laugh. Her priorities in life: patch of sky, family, good company (including her own), good book, jazz, bottle of wine and the Times Newspaper well that will do.

She gained a MA in Polish Linguistics – profile Journalism as well as a Diploma in Public Relations. In order to get on with her life and fulfil what she thought to be the best (career – the shiny word for job) she worked as a Broadcast Journalist for TV and a Reporter for a Newspaper. Oddly enough, she could not stay a long time in one place, but more than that she thought, why would she like to limit herself to one experience? Well it never worked this way as Jobs in a Advertising Agency, Mobile Company, Hotel, Restaurants came, but they never fulfilled her inner self. Until oneday a totally and completely different job came her way. Two years looking after disabled challenging behaviour people. This successfully and irreparably changed her life. Such a fantastic experience!

In between she had been doing modelling and gained a pretty good reputation as was nominated by RAM members to be the best model of 2007 (Maggie 727 RAM profile).

As an aspiring contemporary dancer she have been given a chance to start with Rambert Ballet Company this year.

Life Modelling & Photography Credits: The Royal Academy, The Art Academy, The Princess Drawing School, The Redbridge Institute, Amersham & Wycombe College, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Huddersfield University, Middlesex University

Private Artists/ Photographers: Andy Pankhurst, Sophie de Stempel, Mal

Woolford, Julian Lees, Christopher Walker, Alexander Holland, Jeff See

Has featured in Advertisement for: Olivia Morris – the shoe company, Daler – Rowney – art materials and supplies.

TV/stage performances: Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyd, Sylvia Plath’s poems converted into stage, "Moralnosc Pani Dulskiej" – Polish comedy by G. Zapolska

And that what some artists think about her:

"Flexible and creative – excellent" - Jane Cunningham

"Excellent modelling, brilliant positions & can stay in them for ages" - Louise Da Bora

"Magdalena is an excellent model and very creative in her position" - Philip Gascoine (sadly missed)


"Dynamic + inspiring. Magdalena’s poses are always fresh and demanding bath an the artist & an her. It’s as why I was transported to Ancient Greece. Many tanks, Magdalena" - Path Rattansi


"Tremendous, inventiveness and generosity of spirit therefore very inspirational" - Brian


"Magdalena is a really fantastic model, very enthusiastic, taking up some of the most incredible poses I have seen. Inspirational!" - Yavuz Mutlu


"Magdalena is a wonderful model: full of energy a life and always with a big smile on her face" - Steve Bohme


"The very best – pose and spirit" -John Davey

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