Life Drawing Events for Artists - Expression is Freedom !


"By a fine stroke of painter’s invention she is trampling all the treasure of the earth beneath her feet, but exactly as she were treading grapes in a wine-press to extract their juice, or rather as if she had climbed on to a heap of sacks to raise herself higher; as she is holding out her flaming heart to God, or shell we say "handing" it to him, exactly as a cook might hand up a corkscrew through the skylight of her basement kitchen to someone who has called down for it from the ground-floor window". - Marcel Proust" In Search Of Lost Time - Swan’s Way"

"Being in pose I could describe my feelings, my mental state as an inimitable process of thoughts and innate discussions based on composure and joy, passion and suffering. The experience comes as a second. This is what I give it to you to draw, to paint, to challenge in search of what is tangible". - Krystyna Magdalena W

"We gazed at each other, with that gaze which is not merely the messenger of the eyes, but at whose window all the senses assemble and lean out, petrified and anxious, a gaze eager to reach, touch, capture, bear off in triumph the body at which is aimed, and the soul with the body". -  Adaptation from Proust

"To create the essence of a pose one must feel the connection not only with mind but with the spirit only then will the physical presence convey what is deeply felt inside" - Tom So 

"Love is unconditional like the depths of our Heartspace ever spiralling in a multitude of colours dancing with light beams from stars which never go out !" - Tom So