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The idea of organizing Charity Weekend for Emley School in Msambweni was born when I was refused visa to USA in order to go to Mozambique to work as a volunteer. This may sound a bit complicated but it is simply all came down to money. From this unfortunate moment, I have started thinking about the other ways of helping and came up with a spectacular idea! A Charity Life class in the most spectacular place The Royal Academy! As I always believe in people’s generosity and the understanding of basic life values’, I thought that it would be a piece of cake to deal with the prestigious RA. However, it came as a surprise; I was speechless when I was offered the price for hiring the venue of £7000…I still cannot believe it! There were more places to go but however they were all too expensive! The only man who could help was Mick Martin, the greatest man of this planet! He dealt with a few obstacles but never gave up and his effort paid off eventually! We were waiting for this moment for six months but the most stressful part was the last week when we struggled with getting the numbers. As a few artists would be only enough to cover the cost of room, so I said “We had better pray”!

Miracles happen if you only believe! On Saturday morning, we had about 12 artists and there were more turning up for a coffee offering donations. On Sunday, it was so busy that I had lost count of how many came in and how many donated the money.

I can tell you that we raised about £1500 from which only £200 went for hiring the venue.

I shall inform you all very soon how the money was spent as Rosemary (one of the ladies who runs this project) has just gone to Kenya last Monday, May 14th.


One huge surprise was when a gentleman call Jim came in and wanted to sponsor a child. Isn’t that wonderful? Thank you Jim for your heart!!

Thank you to all who participated in this event, all the artists, models – James, Claire, David, Peter, Amanda and Christina. You were fantastico! Mick, you are my hero!