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Emley African School Project

Emley African School Project


Fund Raising through Art



On the 5/6 of May in Wansted House (East London) a special event will be taking place. The first life class from which all money go to EASP run by people from Emley Village in Huddersfield: Dr. James Donnan and his wife Rosemary, Mike and Dilys Williams and friends who became involved in supporting the fundraising.


This project based in Msambweni, south of Mombasa in KENYA started in 1998 and in many aspects involved with medical and educational issues. This is what they has already been achieved:


“The original idea of building a nursery school was achieved in full but highlighted the need for a primary school. We have to secure more land and have subsequently built one classroom each year to accommodate the pupils as they move up a class each year. Fortunately, we have also been able to fund the building of a staff-room and sufficient toilet blocks. Each class room has to be provided with books for the full curriculum (now set by Kenyan Government) and furnished with desks and chairs. Some of the desks have been sponsored and each bears the name of the sponsor. Some of the less fortune pupils are also sponsored: most parents struggle to pay fees of approximately £120 per annum (plus uniforms etc.) but some simply cannot afford to pay. All admissions and sponsorship decisions are taken by the truly outstanding Governors of the school, who live in the locality.


There remain two classes to be built, plus a refectory and kitchen (meals are currently cooked at the nearby private house by a local hero). Then, an extension to the sport facilities and improvements to the internal facilities will see the project to effective completion”.   


We think that the whole two days of life modelling, which means from 10.00-5.00 with one hour break for lunch will be a real support for the kids in Msambweni.

The whole day will cost £50 or the whole weekend £80. Maggie and possibly two other female models will be your models, which means you can expect some outstanding poses. Sadly Tom has had to pull out from this Event because of Film comittments.


 The easels, coffee, tea will be provided. Artists should be bringing their own materials.


For booking please email Maggie - 07960347177 or call Mick Martin 02085587782. The deposit of £20 will be taken in order to keep your space.


Directions to Venue:-

"Wanstead House" The Hall

The Green Wanstead

E11 2NT